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Biggest Attack Against Syrians in Turkey: Burning and Breaking in Kayseri After False Allegations

"Turkey must immediately develop a migration policy that cares about social peace", a CHP lawmaker said.
Biggest Attack Against Syrians in Turkey: Burning and Breaking in Kayseri After False Allegations

The city of Kayseri in central Turkey is experiencing tension and turmoil following a series of attacks described as the largest against Syrian refugees and their properties in the country. This unrest is fueled by the spread of false news accusing a Syrian youth of molesting a Turkish child.

The incident began when a video purportedly showing a young Syrian man harassing a Turkish girl in a public facility went viral, inciting anger among parents.

In response, groups of Turkish citizens have attacked Syrian refugees, set their properties on fire, and destroyed their cars in the streets, while shouting slogans demanding the deportation of all Syrians back to their country.



It was later revealed that the child was actually of Syrian nationality, according to the province of Kayseri and news reports. However, the violence against Syrians in the city did not stop.

According to social media pages concerned with news of Syrians in Kayseri, the accused young man has a mental disorder and is the child’s cousin. The incident occurred in a public toilet at the Saturday market.

Kayseri province stated, “On June 30, 2024, in the Danismend Gazi district of our province, a Syrian person harassed a young Syrian girl. The accused was arrested by our security units, and the child was placed under protection by the competent authorities.”

“We are following the case carefully, and we call on our citizens to remain calm and not engage in any actions other than those announced by the official authorities. We thank the citizens for their understanding and respect for these instructions.”

Kayseri’s police chief, Atanur Aydin, addressed residents of the rioting neighbourhood in a video, stating, “I promise you that all measures will be taken against the accused, including the deportation of him and his family.”

Residents were urged to return to their homes, with assurances that “we will do what is necessary.”  

Exploiting the incident to incite against refugees 

The Kayseri incident sparked a wave of racist statements against Syrians, with political parties taking advantage of the situation to demand the deportation of all refugees and justify acts of violence against them.

The mayor of Bolu, Tanju Ozcan, stated on the social media platform X: “The struggle I have been waging for years has led to results in Bolu. However, the will that governs our country has not stopped sending refugees to me.”

“They accused me of racism, they accused me of fascism! But for a long time, no one wanted to see that I was a patriot trying to prevent such events.”

“This issue must be discussed immediately, the erroneous government and the silent opposition must talk about this issue without delay!”

Kayseri’s CHP lawmaker Ashkayen Geng attended the scene and commented: “The migration crisis that is increasing day by day is the result of the government’s disinterested policies and lack of solutions.”

“Turkey must immediately develop a migration policy that cares about social peace.”



This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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