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Syria at G77 Summit, Calls for Removing Western Coercive Blockade

Finance Minister Kinan Yaghi reiterated Syria's dedication to "combatting terrorism and extremism on behalf of the international community", the pro-government al-Baath writes.
Syria at G77 Summit, Calls for Removing Western Coercive Blockade

In a powerful statement during the G77 and China summit held in Havana, Syria urged the immediate and unconditional lifting of unilateral coercive measures, including the U.S. embargo and sanctions on several nations. The call was part of Syria’s larger vision for a fairer international economic system that would improve the economic and social conditions of G77 countries and China, aligning with the aspirations of people for prosperity and peace.

Finance Minister Kinan Yaghi, representing Syria at the summit, conveyed President Bashar al-Assad’s greetings to the Cuban President and people, acknowledging Cuba’s positive role in promoting multilateral efforts to achieve sustainable development. Yaghi emphasized that this summit would bolster the just causes of South countries, including their right to access modern technologies for sustainable development.

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Yaghi also highlighted the deep-rooted historical ties between Syria, Cuba, and the Group of 77 countries, emphasizing their commitment to international law and the principles of the UN Charter, which include sovereignty, equality, and non-interference in the internal affairs of states.

Furthermore, Minister Yaghi reiterated Syria’s dedication to combatting terrorism and extremism on behalf of the international community. He appealed to fellow G77 members for support in overcoming the repercussions of war, the blockade, and the devastating earthquake that struck Syria several months ago.

Yaghi made a compelling plea for assistance, stating, “We demand the necessary support to restore full control of the Syrian state over its entire territory, along with the immediate, complete, and unconditional lifting of illegal unilateral coercive measures, the US blockade, and the sanctions that have afflicted our people and the Cuban people for more than sixty years.”

In a separate development, the Russian government provided much-needed relief aid to affected families in the Yarmouk and Abbasiya neighbourhoods of Daraa province. This humanitarian aid, totalling approximately 3 tons, specifically targeted families in need. Amin Al-Omari, Chairman of the Daraa City Council, underscored that this assistance reflected the strong and enduring Syrian-Russian relations and aimed to support a significant portion of families in the southern city.


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