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Regime Explains Fuel Shortages with “Sanctions”, Extends Public Sector Leave

The Assad regime claimed that energy shortages were the result of sanctions, extending the leave of public servants due to the absence of heating, according to the Shaam News Agency.
Regime Explains Fuel Shortages with “Sanctions”, Extends Public Sector Leave

The al-Assad regime’s Prime Minister’s Office has issued a statement, in which the office decided to extend the public leave period. The statement justified this decision with reference to the lack of available heating, caused by the economic sanctions imposed on the regime.

According to the statement from the regime’s government, public services were halted from Sunday, January 23rd  until Thursday, January 27th. “Some public authorities, based on the nature of their work, will continue to operate,” according to the statement.

“[The decision has been made] in light of the prevailing weather conditions, as well as the fact that heating supplies have been constrained by unfair economic sanctions. The decision forms part of a plan to pursue all possible measures to ensure an appropriate response to the prevailing weather conditions,” the statement said.

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The regime’s government added in an official circular that the decision to extend the leave period was “also to ensure that as many energy supplies as possible are available and allocated to deliver services to citizens,” according to official Assad regime media.

In a separate circular, the Prime Minister’s Office claimed that it had asked “the Ministry of Electricity to take appropriate measures to allocate as much electricity as possible for domestic consumption over the next ten days.”

The Assad regime’s deputy oil minister gave a televised interview on official satellite television, during which he explained the crisis in obtaining basic fuels. Specifically, he linked the energy crisis to global climate change, and stated that the situation with “oil-based products is fine.”

Assad’s forces are experiencing successive crises in various oil-based products. People are waiting in long queues for their electricity rations in regime-controlled areas due to decisions to raise fuel prices and cut back on allocations. Meanwhile, regime officials blame the lack of oil on the economic sanctions and insufficient oil supply.


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