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MP Marjana for al-Watan: Amnesty Decree Covers more than 95 Percent of Syrian Opposition Abroad

The MP considered that this decree will push Syrians living abroad to return, according to al-Watan.
MP Marjana for al-Watan: Amnesty Decree Covers more than 95 Percent of Syrian Opposition Abroad

Boutros Marjana, head of the Arab, Foreign, and Expatriate Affairs Committee in the regime’s parliament, said that the Amnesty Decree No. 7  for terrorist crimes, except those that led to the death of a human being, includes more than 95 percent of Syrians opposition members abroad. He revealed that the committee will meet next week to have a role in introducing Syrians abroad to the amnesty decree and its importance. 

In a statement to al-Watan, Marjana explained that this decree must take the dimension it deserves to take, especially since the Syrian state is seeking the return of refugees to Syria. The timing of the decree is very important considering that the truth has become clear and the Syrians who were part of the opposition became certain of this fact, therefore it is time to return home on the principle of God’s forgiveness of the past. 

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Marjana considered this decree is a stimulus for the return of refugees. He noted that at the refugee conference held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the past period, we called for the return of refugees to Syria and there were groups of them who returned– not in a large percentage though. He expects the return of a significant number of Syrians abroad after the amnesty decree was issued. 

He pointed to the importance of the role of Syrian embassies abroad by introducing the amnesty decree and helping Syrians abroad, explaining that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates asked its embassies to receive requests from those who believe that they are covered by the amnesty decree and wish to confirm this officially. This is a service for the Syrians, and the Syrian citizen abroad has to submit his name to the embassy to ensure that he is covered by the amnesty decree.


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