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Moaz al-Khatib: A Cyber Candidate For Syrian Presidency

Khatib has not commented on the page which has gained 40,000 likes
Moaz al-Khatib: A Cyber Candidate For Syrian Presidency

Syrian opposition activists have created a new Facebook page titled "Together to nominate Moaz al-Khatib for the Syrian presidency to run against Bashar Assad".


The identities of the administrators are unknown but the page has gained more than 40,000 likes during the first ten hours. Khatib is the former president of the Syrian National Coalition.


Some visitors to the page considered the idea of nominating an opposition candidate as "a kind of treason to the revolution, to the blood of martyrs and to the millions of refugees who left their country because of the cruelty of the regime".


The administrators of the page explained however, that the purpose of the page "is not to legitimate Assad's regime or to give credentials to the elections organized by its security forces; the goal is to uncover the falsehood of regime's elections and to reveal the true will of Syrian people".


The administrator clarified that the goal is not to hold real elections, but to make this page a referendum to assure the falsehood of Assad's popularity and to prove that the rebels are the majority of Syrian people.


When asked about why Khatib was chosen, they said that "Khatib was the first to defend the Syrian people in front of the Arab League, and the first to refuse subordination to the countries fighting in Syria".


Page visitors interacted with the idea and some expressed their support for choosing a specific person to lead the revolution and the country in the post-Assad phase, especially since the opposition is divided now.


Khatib has not commented on the page although he frequently uses Facebook to express his personal and political opinions related to the Syrian revolution.    



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