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Jordan’s Labor Ministry Closes Syrian Channel

Syrian journalists were asked to sign a pledge not to work again
Jordan’s Labor Ministry Closes Syrian Channel

Representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affair in Amman have met with journalists working with the Syrian al-Shaab Satellite Channel to inform them the broadcast will be shut down.


The journalists were also asked to sign a pledge to stop working.


Many other channels, both Syrian and Iraqi were closed before, and those without a license were particularly targeted.


It is well known that it is very difficult to obtain a braodcast license in Jordan.


Sources also circulated news that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs intends to look into the legal status of 160,000 Syrian workers in Jordan.


Sources said that around 2,200 Syrian workers were arrested for working illegally as a part of a new campaign in Amman and the northern provinces close to Syria.


“That campaign came in response to many requests from the local organizations, or Labor Councils, to control flow of Syrian Workers in to the labor market in Jordan. They say the local workers affect the job market and lower their job opportunities because Syrian workers accept lower wages and they are experienced,” sources explained.


Surprisingly, the campaign has set wages for Syrian workers similar to those of workers from other nationalities, according to some Syrian workers. They expected the campaign to satisfy the local workers and Labor Councils and force the International community to take more care of Syrian refugees.


They mentioned that campaign has not resulted so far in a single deportation of any Syrian. Illegal workers must write a pledge to not work illegally again, and they will be sent to al-Zatari camp if they break that pledge.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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