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Jordan Halts Free Medical Care for Syrian Refugees

Unpaid charges from donor countries and international organizations push Jordan to stop treating Syrian refugees
Jordan Halts Free Medical Care for Syrian Refugees

In another shock to Syrian refugees in Jordan after food vouchers were halted a few weeks ago, the Jordanian government has cancelled all free treatment at the Ministry of Health's hospitals and clinics.


Syrians were previously treated via the health insurance system; all they needed to do was show the documents from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


The Jordanian Minister of Health said that decision was issued by the cabinet and had been implemented, and Syrians would be charged directly without any mediators.


The minister confirmed that the Ministry of Health still was owed JOD.34 million in unpaid charges for treating Syrians, from donors and international organizations.


UNHCR has not commented on the decision yet, despite the fact that the decision has put huge financial pressure of Syrian refugees, who cannot even afford food, and raises concerns about children, who account for more than half of all patients visiting health facilities.


Donors who lag in payments for Syrians are considered to be the most responsibile for the situation they put fragile Syrian refugees in.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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