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Investigations about a Strange Epidemic in Syrian Refugee Camps

The disease looks like a regular flue but more dangerous
Investigations about a Strange Epidemic in Syrian Refugee Camps

After the news of an epidemic in the Syrian refugee camps in the capital of Kurdistan region Hewler, a news spread through several social networking sites interested in the affairs of Syrian refugees. After an appeal to all health organizations about the spread of a strange disease inside the camps, Rehab News visited the camp to discuss the topic and verify the rumor after obtaining confirmed testimonies from people within the camps that there is a strange thing happening there and many cases have been discovered. After visiting the health center in the camp, they explained to us that the situation is normal and not dangerous. It is a new kind of flu and it is being treated. The most prominent reasons are related to hygiene and exposure to extreme cold.


Abdul Ghani Rasool is a doctor in the health crew in the camps, specifically KoreKosk camp. After inspecting the cases, Rasool said that "it is an influenza-like case, similar to any regular flue and it affects children more because of the inability to protect them because of winter-related weather changes. It is even spread among the people of Erbil".


A nurse working with Akid organization, which is interested in relief work, said that many people take advantage of this situation to embarrass the government of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, aiming to abuse to the Kurdistan region of Iraq through media amplification.


Translated by The Syrian Observer


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