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Intelligence Takes Families for Prisoner Swap

The families were taken from a shelter in Jaramana
Intelligence Takes Families for Prisoner Swap

Sources have told All4Syria an Air Force Intelligence unit on Saturday evening arrested all the members of two families from a refuge center in Jaramana.


According to the source, a force of about 20 men cordoned off the refuge center before entering the building and taking the displaced families. one of the families was from Duma and the other from Erbin. They left a baby with another family, telling others at the center that they were being taken for questioning will be returned to the center soon.


According to information from a prisoner arrested with the two families and released shortly thereafter, the security personnel told the families they wanted to exchange them for hostages in in Adra that are believed to be among armed opposition factions.


Regime media justified the lossof Adra by saying that refugees were used as a Trojan horse. The civilian refugees in the areas are now controlled by the regime  and those who fled, fearing for their children are now vulnerable to regime blackmail.


The two families, the Badrans and Karnabas are simple people and have nothing to do with events. They had been living in the shelter for about one year  and do not even know what is going on in Adra or elsewhere.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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