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Food Packages Delivered to Yarmouk, Thousands Evacuated

Supervisor of the relief campaign calls for gunmen to facilitate the aid operation
Food Packages Delivered to Yarmouk, Thousands Evacuated


More than 7,700 food packages have been delivered to the people in the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk, Damascus, while another 3,400 people were evacuated, the supervisor of the Palestinian People's relief campaign in Yarmouk, Abu Kifah Ghazi said on Monday.


Abu Ghazi said the operation to deliver humanitarian aid and evacuate people in need from the camp is continuing, in light of a peaceful popular initiative to solve the crisis in the camp.


He clarified that  gunmen in the camp are delaying the implementation of the agreement and called on them to accelerate the process to ease the suffering of the camp's citizens, make the area free from weapons and gunmen and return the camp to normal life.


The Director of the Political Bureau at the Palestinian Liberation Organization in Damascus, Anwar Abdul-Hadi said that food aid convoys entered the camp and a large number of packages were delivered, in addition to the evacuation of humanitarian cases, confirming that there is no solution to the camp's crisis except through carrying out the initiative and the return of families to their homes.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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