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Despite Settlements: Air Force Intelligence Arrests Woman, Her Three Sons in Daraa

The Ahrar Houran Gathering website recorded 21 cases of arrests by the regime in the Daraa governorate during May, according to Syria TV.
Despite Settlements: Air Force Intelligence Arrests Woman, Her Three Sons in Daraa

Confidential sources informed Syria TV that a woman and three of her sons were apprehended by the Air Force Intelligence of the Syrian regime at the Izraa bridge on the Damascus-Daraa international road. This occurred despite the youths having resolved their situation during the recent settlement process.

According to the sources, an officer named “Sumar” from the Air Force Intelligence, holding the rank of major, conducted the arrest on June 14th. The family, originally from the Daraa camp for displaced people, was stopped at a checkpoint established by the officer at the Izraa bridge.

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The detainees, identified as Mrs. Kafaa Qassem Owaid Al-Mahamid and her three sons, Sami, Majd, and Muhammad Al-Awad, were subsequently transported to the Air Force Intelligence branch in the capital city of Damascus. At present, their fate remains unknown.

The Air Force has alleged that their arrest was prompted by the interception of a phone call made by one of the young men in the family. The call was monitored by an “adult” party assigned to eavesdrop and monitor communications.

A representative from Daraa al-Balad, speaking to Syria TV, expressed their attempts to establish communication with Syrian regime officials to ascertain the whereabouts and well-being of the detained family. Unfortunately, they have yet to receive a clear response, but it is known that the family is currently in the custody of Air Force Intelligence.

The dignitary emphasized the urgency for Air Force Intelligence to rectify the situation and release the family promptly, particularly to prevent any potential escalation in the area. He further criticized the continued crackdown by regime security services on civilians in the Daraa governorate.

The arrests carried out by the Syrian regime persist, even for individuals who possess the “settlement” card, and such operations are prevalent at military checkpoints situated along the Damascus-Daraa international road. One notable checkpoint is the Mankat al-Hatab checkpoint, jointly operated by Military Intelligence and Air Force Intelligence.

According to the sources, the regime’s intelligence apparatus has recently intensified the establishment of temporary checkpoints, referred to as “flying patrols.” These patrols, comprised of multiple vehicles, halt for approximately an hour between two towns in the Daraa countryside. It is common for these checkpoints to involve the presence of more than one security branch.

The Violations Documentation Office at the Ahrar Houran Gathering website recorded 21 cases of arrests by regime forces in the Daraa governorate during the month of May. Among these cases, four individuals were released within the same month.

On June 15th, the Syrian regime concluded settlement operations in the Houryat Palace building located in the center of Daraa. It is worth noting that this operation encompassed thousands of people from the governorate.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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