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Cabinet to Adopt Currency Stabilizing Measures

PM says Syria will adopt a package of measures to keep the Syrian pound stable against foreign currencies
Cabinet to Adopt Currency Stabilizing Measures

Prime Minister Wael al-Halki has condemned attacks launched by armed terrorist organizations in several Syrian areas, notably in Idleb and Busra al Sham, while referring to the necessity of ensuring services, health care and basic materials to the displaced families of the two cities.

Chairing a Cabinet weekly session on Tuesday, Halki noted that the Monetary and Credit Council, Central Bank of Syria (CBS) and the economic committee will adopt a package of measures to keep the Syrian pound stable against foreign currencies.

He also denounced the aggression on brotherly Yemen, considering recent attacks by the Saudi-led coalition: “a blatant interference in its domestic affairs”.

Halki called for intensifying efforts to confront diseases and epidemics, particularly with the approach of the summer season, instructing the ministries of Health, Tourism and Internal Trade and Consumer Protection to tighten supervision on food industries and restaurants.

Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem briefed the ministers on the latest developments in the international arena, saying ‘’the aggression on Yemen is an attempt to dominate its capabilities and strategic location under a US-Zionist sponsorship and a show of the worsening Arab situation”.

Muallem noted that the aggression on Yemen has coincided with terrorist attacks on several regions in Syria, which is evidence that the enemy, funding side and plotters are one.

Governor of the Central Bank of Syria Adeb Mayaleh briefed the Cabinet on measures taken to improve SYP exchange rate and the causes behind its instability.

He affirmed that the exchange prices being circulated are deceptive in order to manipulate the Syrian pound, referring to a number of fake websites that publish false prices.

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