Killing of the Wali Houran: Painful Blow to ISIS in Daraa

In July 2018, the regime released dozens of ISIS leaders and members who had been arrested from the Yarmouk Basin area, according to Syria TV.

In an operation carried out by local groups in Nawa, west of Daraa, seven ISIS members and leaders, including the Wali Houran, were killed. The attack, supported by the Eighth Brigade and the Central Committees, targeted a house in the northern neighbourhood of the city where the organization’s leaders were located.

Among the deceased was the “emir of the organization” in Daraa governorate, Osama Shehadeh al-Azizi, also known as Abu al-Laith al-Azizi, who held the position of “governor of Hauran” (Wali Houran) in the organization. Another individual killed was Awad al-Shibli from the village of al-Qusaybah in the Quneitra governorate. The clashes resulted in the death of five others whose names are not yet known.

The Ahrar Houran Gathering confirmed Azizi’s death, stating that he held various security positions within the organization.Azizi had a leading role in the Yarmouk Basin area west of Daraa before 2018 and served as a member of the organization’s Shura Council in southern Syria.

Local groups in Nawa surrounded the targeted house based on information from the Eighth Brigade, which had detained an ISIS operative two days prior. The clashes, involving RPG shells and anti-ground missiles, continued throughout the night. Two members of local groups were killed, and many others were wounded during the armed confrontations.

Notably, one of the organization’s leaders detonated his explosive belt, causing the burning and charring of Azizi’s body. Another leader was observed wearing an explosive belt after being killed.

It’s worth mentioning that approximately a year after the Syrian regime took control of the Daraa governorate in July 2018, the regime released dozens of ISIS leaders and members who had been arrested from the Yarmouk Basin area. Subsequently, the organization initiated security operations targeting members of the Syrian regime, opposition leaders, and civilians in Daraa governorate.



This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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