International Coalition to AANES: Nothing Can be Done to Stop Turkish Attacks

Saleh Muslim says the international coalition conveyed to the Autonomous Administration that they are unable to halt Turkish attacks, according to Shaam Network.

Saleh Muslim, co-chairman of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), the largest party of the Autonomous Administration, recently disclosed that the U.S.-led international coalition has conveyed to the Autonomous Administration that they are unable to halt Turkish attacks on the areas under its control in northeastern Syria.

Muslim expressed concerns about the coalition’s prolonged silence, stating, “Their lack of action is not a new phenomenon, and we remain uncertain about their behind-the-scenes efforts.” He denied any communication with Damascus or Moscow on this matter. Meanwhile, Megan Bodette, director of research at the Kurdish Peace Institute, highlighted that Washington tends to pay attention to northern and eastern Syria, as well as the broader Kurdish issue, only when faced with a crisis and often when it is too late to implement meaningful strategic measures.

AANES-Turkey Clash

Bodette asserted that the fear of antagonizing Turkey during Sweden’s accession process to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has led to maintaining the status quo, which is inadequate given that Washington’s adversaries are actively advancing their strategies. She emphasized the necessity for Washington to adopt a proactive stance in promoting peace between Turkey and northern and eastern Syria, to prevent an inevitable future crisis.

The Autonomous Administration of the Syrian Democratic Forces militia has previously expressed condemnation regarding the “silence” of its allies in the international coalition forces and the ceasefire guarantors (Russia and the United States), amidst ongoing Turkish attacks on northeastern Syria.

In a statement, the Autonomous Administration emphasized that the Turkish targets during the current month have obstructed efforts to achieve stability and combat “terrorism” and ISIS. They accused Turkey of contributing to the rise of conflicts, sectarian differences, and acts of sabotage, urging their people to remain vigilant and united against divisive schemes


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