Assad Forces Attack Turkish Ship, Ankara Opens Investigation

The fishing boat, named "Mahmoud Jan 1," departed from the port of Karataş in Adana province, according to al-Souria Net.

Turkey strongly condemned the Syrian regime forces’ deliberate targeting of a Turkish fishing boat that was operating in international waters, which resulted in two injuries. The statement was issued by Tanju Bilgiç, the spokesperson for the Turkish Foreign Ministry, in response to a query about the incident on Monday.
Regime bombing of a Turkish fishing boat
According to the detailed account of the incident, Tanju Bilgić reported that two ships affiliated with the Syrian regime deliberately fired upon a Turkish fishing boat in international waters on Sunday. As a result, two fishermen on board sustained minor injuries, as confirmed by the Turkish official.

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The fishing boat, named “Mahmoud Jan 1,” departed from the port of Karataş in Adana province and was sailing in international waters when it became the target of the Syrian regime forces’ aggression.
In an official statement released by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the incident was strongly condemned, stating, “We condemn the attack that took place on Sunday by two ships belonging to the Syrian regime’s security forces on a Turkish fishing boat named ‘Mahmoud Jan-1,’ which had departed from the port of Karataş in Adana province and was operating in international waters.” The statement further noted that two fishermen suffered minor injuries, and the boat sustained material damage.
At the time of writing, the regime has not issued any comment regarding the incident.
The Turkish Foreign Ministry has confirmed its commitment to addressing this unfortunate incident by initiating an investigation through the prosecutor in Samandag, Hatay province.
Dogan News Agency has released a video illustrating the damage inflicted upon a Turkish fishing boat during the regime’s bombing. It is worth noting that the agency claims the boat had entered Syrian territorial waters, contradicting a statement made by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, which asserted that the incident occurred in international waters.
This incident took place amidst the country’s focus on the presidential election held on Sunday, resulting in Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan securing another term.
Confrontations between the regime and Turkey are seldom observed in territorial or international waters, and neither side has previously acknowledged such an incident. Typically, these occurrences transpire on Syrian territory, particularly in areas where Turkish forces are stationed in northern Syria.
In the past two years, regime forces have targeted Turkish positions and military convoys in the rural areas of Aleppo and Idleb.


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