Where are Iran’s Oil Tankers as Fuel Crisis Escalates?

Many observers wondered about the reality of oil supplies from Iran, according to al-Iqtissad.

Most of the regime-held areas have come under a suffocating transport crisis due to the reduction of fuel requests for gas stations by more than 50 percent, in addition to an increase in the duration of diesel and gasoline shipments to more than two weeks.

Many observers wondered about the reality of oil supplies from Iran, from which no oil tanker had arrived for more than a month, at a time when sources in the Syrian Ministry of Oil announced about ten days ago the imminent arrival of a new oil tanker from Iran, but the tanker did not arrive. Until today, according to the confirmation of informed media sources in exclusive statements to the al-Iqtissad business website.

Pro-regime media reported that the transportation crisis in Lattakia and Tartous began to cast a great shadow on the movement of people, which caused an increase in the daily suffering of employees, many of whom were forced to take leave from their work due to their inability to reach it, according to local Athr Press news site.

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The Syrian Petroleum Storage and Distribution Company (SADCOB) have reduced stations’ demands for diesel fuel and gasoline to the minimum limits in Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo, Hama and Homs, due to the lack of supplies, sources said.

 However, the state company did not indicate this time the imminent arrival of any new oil tanker, adding, in a comment on the complaints of the transportation crisis, that the priority for fuel distribution in the current period is for vital facilities, such as hospitals and bakeries.

Informed media sources told Iqtissad that there are talks about requesting assistance from the Sultanate of Oman to provide some quantities of oil urgently, but it may take more than two weeks to reach Syria.


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