Details of a Canadian Project to Build a Residential Village in Syria

A Canadian charity announced its project to build a residential village in northern Syria, according to al-Souria Net.

A Canadian charity announced its project to build a residential village in northern Syria. It will provide housing for more than 3,500 displaced people in the region within an integrated project that provides all basic services. 

The project bears the name “Hope Village,” according to what was quoted by the Anadolu agency as saying by the Canadian charity Human Concern International. It will be built in the Al-Bab or Afrin area in Aleppo countryside to provide permanent shelter for the displaced. 

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500 houses, hospitals, mosques, schools, parks, a football field and markets are planned to be built in the village, for US$1.7 million, through non-governmental donations received by the association. 

According to the charity, when the project is completed, more than 3,500 people will be housed and will live in 500 houses. Each house consists of two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room, with the provision of basic services such as clean water and electricity. The cost of one house is 3,700 Canadian dollars. 

“The village will provide much more than just shelter for Syrians living in poverty. It will provide a renewed sense of stability and dignity.” 

In the details of the project, a school will be built to accommodate a thousand students, with 16 classrooms, six toilets (three for boys and three for girls), administrative rooms, a solar energy system, and all required school furniture and equipment.  

A mosque will also be built in the center of the village for daily prayers, Friday prayers, and Tarawih.   

Construction of the village could take 12 to 16 months to complete, according to preliminary estimates, with the first goal being to build 35 houses this month.   

The Canadian Islamic Charity Foundation did not give further details about the mechanism for selecting displaced people to live in this village, or any other considerations related to the priority of housing.   

There are about 1,633 camps in northern Syria, with one million people and 811,000 displaced people.


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