Family Still Looking: New Details on Death of Young Syrian Under Greek Police Eye

Ammar Adnan Kahlous, born in 1994 in Damascus, died on June 22th under the watchful eye of Greek police without any assistance, according to Orient Net.

The Consolidated Rescue group, which is interested in covering the news of refugees and migrants, revealed new details about the death of a young Syrian man as a result of poisoning and neglect in Greece about five months ago. They noted that the incident is still shrouded in mystery. 

The group said that Ammar Adnan Kahlous, born in 1994 in Damascus, died on June 22th under the watchful eye of Greek police without any assistance. 

Witness to the incident 

“Walid,” who accompanied Kahlous and was a witness to the death, said that after being returned from Bulgaria to Greece, he was introduced to Kahlous in prison (known among immigrant circles as Abu Riha prison because of the bad smell in prison) in the Isaakio border area with Turkey. 

He added that his health situation was very bad. He noted that he promised to take him to Istanbul after learning that they were living in the same city area, through their knowledge of a restaurant owner. This pivotal point helped the news of his death reach his family later. 

According to Walid, they were transferred to a second prison 15 minutes away from Abu Riha prison by car. The health situation of Kahlous worsened further due to the poisoning he suffered. Walid pointed out that the Greek police did not respond to his repeated request to call an ambulance for the young man. 

He said that Kahlous remained lying on the ground for more than 7 hours when his skin colour began to change. He died moments later under the watchful eye of the Greek police. 

Walid explained that the police rejected his request to transfer Kahlous’s body to Turkey, where it was transported by military car. He noted that he and dozens of migrants were returned by boat through the Evros River to the Turkish side. 

His family is still looking for him

Upon arrival in Istanbul, Walid went to the restaurant owner he knew and told him that Kahlous had died in Greece. The owner of the restaurant, in turn, told his family. 

According to the Consolidated Rescue group, it tried in several ways to reach the location of the young man’s body and communicated with human rights defenders and humanitarian organizations, but to no avail. His family cannot find or access any news that leads them to him, and the group pointed out that the family said the young man has a back injury and a distinctive mark under the neck.


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