SOC Welcomes Human Rights Council’s Report Confirming Assad Regime Detained and Forcibly Disappeared Tens of Thousands

The Opposition Coalition welcomed the findings of the UN Human Rights Council that considered Syria unsafe for refugees' return, according to the SOC Media Department.

The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) welcomed the findings that the UN Human Rights Council reached in a report published at its 51st session. The report considered Syria unsafe for refugees’ return, and held the Assad regime responsible for tens of thousands of enforced disappearances, missing persons and detainees in Syria.
The Council condemned the grave human rights situation throughout Syria, demanding that the Assad regime fulfill its obligations to protect Syrian civilians and to respect and protect the human rights guaranteed to all persons under its jurisdiction, including detainees and their families.
Member of the SOC’s political committee, Zuhair Muhammad, said that the report came at an important, sensitive time, stressing the need for all states to commit to the findings of the report and prevent any forced deportation of refugees to the Assad regime-held areas.

Not safe for return

Muhammad called on the international community to work seriously to release detainees and disclose the fate of the forcibly disappeared by the Assad regime. He stressed that the crime of enforced disappearance being committed by the Assad regime and its allies is one of many crimes taking place against the Syrian people.
The Councill called for ensuring unfettered humanitarian access for about 14.6 million Syrians who are in need of humanitarian aid. It indicated that the six-month period specified by UN Security Council resolution 2642 of July 2022 on the UN cross-border humanitarian assistance is short and insufficient given the growing humanitarian needs.
The Council also called on the Assad regime to protect the rights of the returning refugees and internally displaced persons, especially in light of the conclusion of the Commission of Inquiry, in its latest report, that the Assad regime has not yet provided a safe and stable environment that guarantees the sustainable and dignified return of refugees and IDPs.
Moreover, the Council called on the Assad regime to immediately release the detainees and forcibly disappeared in Syria, and to provide their families with accurate, correct information about their fate and whereabouts. It also demanded that those responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria be held accountable.


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