Suicide Rate in Northern Syria Reaches Worrying Level

The phenomenon of suicide has increased remarkably recently in the northern Syrian regions, according to Orient News.

The phenomenon of suicide has increased remarkably recently in the northern Syrian regions, with the registration of new cases in the past three days. The suicides have occurred for multiple reasons, in light of the worsening economic and social crises that have been the biggest driver of suicides among many — especially women and boys.

Our correspondent Manaf Hashem reported that three suicides have been recorded in Idleb governorate over the past few days, the latest of which was young man A. M., who was found to have committed suicide in Kafr Lusin camp. Marei hails from the town of Maarshmarin in rural Idleb.

This event was preceded by the suicide of a young man from the town of Kfarhmul in the countryside of Idleb on Monday .

On Monday, a sixty-year-old man burned his house and killed himself by eating sleeping pills in the city of Sarmin east of Idleb. According to local sources, the man suffers from many disorders, and his real motives for committing suicide and burning down his house are unknown.

Shocking statistic

The Syria Response Coordinators team said in a report released four days ago that the number of suicides in northwestern Syria “rose to 71 cases, including 24 cases of failed suicides.” Three new suicides were recorded amongst civilians in the areas of Idleb and Aleppo countryside in northwest Syria — one of which was a child.

The report indicated that the category of women and children formed the largest category in the last statistic “because there is no one to help them overcome the difficulties they suffer, especially adolescents who cannot deal with the various difficulties and pressures facing them.”

Local networks reported on Monday that a young man, Noureddine H., who is from Rural Damascus in northern Syria, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in the city of al-Bab in rural Aleppo. Local sources confirmed that the death was caused by the suicide of the young man by eating a “sleeping pill.”

On Monday, a Pentecostal man was also found dead in the city of Afrin, north of Aleppo. Activists said that the cause of death was suicide, but no medical report was issued detailing the incident and its causes.


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