U.S. Forces Train Opposition Faction in al-Tanf

The Revolutionary Commandos receive ongoing military training from U.S. forces, according to Baladi News.

On Thursday (July 28th), the Revolutionary Commandos (Maghaweer el Thawra) conducted joint military exercises with U.S. forces at the Tanf base in southern Syria.

In a tweet, the faction said it had conducted joint exercises with U.S. forces using weapons at Tanf base.

The tweet said that the exercises were carried out with live ammunition at the shooting range, noting that “routine guided and training exercises are vital in building the capabilities of revolutionary commando fighters.”

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On July 16th, the Revolutionary Commando Army announced joint military exercises with the U.S. military. On July 7th, U.S. forces at the al-Tanf base conducted military exercises with the Revolutionary Commandos, using the U.S. Heimers missile system. The exercises followed the headquarters of the Washington-backed faction suffering a Russian shell attack.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the Army of Revolutionary Commandos said that exercises aimed to “show the skills of the soldiers and their ability to defend the people of the area against any attack.” The faction did not specify an exact date on which the exercises occurred, merely saying that they “took place recently.”

In mid-June, Russian warplanes bombed the Revolutionary Commandos’ position in Tanf, in the 55th area of the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border triangle.

The Revolutionary Commandos receive ongoing military training from U.S. forces, photos and videos periodically posted on its Twitter account.


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