Syria Not Safe, Regime Continues to Arrest Residents and Returnees: Opposition

The regime arrested a 26-year-old student three days after her return to Syria from Lebanon in order to sit for exams.

The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) said that Syria is not safe and that the Assad regime continues to arbitrarily arrest and forcibly disappear Syrian citizens, including those who return from abroad. The Assad regime detained a female student who returned from Lebanon to Syria in order to sit for her exams at Damascus University.

SOC’s Vice-President Ruba Habboush stressed that the Assad regime has not stopped committing crimes and violations against Syrians.

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She pointed out that this is not the first time that the regime has arrested returnees, adding that it even executed some of them.

The Ahrar Houran Conglomerate said that the Air Force Intelligence branch in Damascus had arrested 26-year-old student, Shefa’ Yassin Abazid, from Daraa al-Balad, three days after her return to Syria from Lebanon in order to sit exams at Damascus University.

The Conglomerate indicated that a regime checkpoint told the student to report to the Air Force Intelligence branch in Damascus.

Abazid was detained after she went to the Air Force Intelligence Thursday on charges of entering the country illegally. She is still being held despite all attempts to release her.


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