Oppositionist Says Figures of Opposition SOC Linked with Syrian Government

Opposition members are accusing each others of being connected with the Syrian regime, according to North Press.

When brigadier Mehiyadin al-Harmoush spoke up that some members of the opposition Syrian National Coalition (SOC) are connected with the Syrian government, he was instantly silenced by the SOC’s president who ordered him not to mention the names, said Hatim al-Thaher, member of the Free National Assembly (political body affiliated with the SOC).

In early April, the SOC fired 14 of its members.

The sacked members released a statement, on Tuesday, calling on the SOC to set up an independent committee to start investigations into al-Harmoush’s statement during the 61st session of the General Board on March 30/31st.

Dhaher, who is also a representative of the assembly and among the sacked members, told North Press that everybody (members of the SOC in the session) started to doubt himself even the SOC’s president.

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In regard to the investigation committee, Dhaher said it was a demand for the whole Syrians to uncover and hold accountable the figures who had ties with the Syrian government.

He noted that Harmoush’s statement on social media was “true”. “I was there when he spoke up that there are some members of the SOC who have connections with the Syrian government. Harmoush said he had the proofs.”

Dhaher quoted Harmoush as saying that the government provided him with the names of the SOC’s members who had links with the Syrian government.

“Harmoush was ready to mention the names, but the SOC’s president Salem al-Meslet interrupted him ordering him not to unfold any identities.”

Salem al-Meslet, then, said he would establish a committee headed by Harmoush and two other persons to investigate the authenticity of the information.

Dhaher stressed, “everyone knows the SOC’s president behavior was to make the issue less important.”

“We declared our withdrawal from the SOC and we stopped dealing with it or with any institutions affiliated with it,” Dhaher added.

According to the member of the Free National Assembly, only seven or ten persons within the SOC are in power, “they are the decision-makers and are to be blamed for the destruction of this institution (referring to the SOC) while the rest of the members are foregone conclusions.”


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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