Details of Israel Recent Targeting of Damascus Surrounding

Military sources revealed to Sawt al-Asima, the positions targeted by the Israeli air force, at dawn on Monday, in the vicinity of Damascus, according to Sawt al-Asima.

Military sources revealed to Sawt al-Asima, the positions targeted by the Israeli air force, at dawn on Monday, in the vicinity of Damascus. 

The sources said that Israeli aircraft targeted an Iranian militia site in the vicinity of the Damascus International Airport, with two raids, resulting in a huge explosion heard throughout the capital. 

The sources added that Israeli warplanes targeted another Iranian militia site, south of the capital Damascus, which was likely to be a warehouse for storing weapons. 

The sources pointed out that the Israeli raids targeted an Iranian site near the city of Qutayfa in the eastern Qalamoun area of Damascus countryside. 

Sawt al-Asima correspondent confirmed that the Israeli targeting of the vicinity of Qutayfa city, resulted in the outbreak of fires at the targeted site, on the outskirts of the city on the side of the highway. 

The attack followed the arrival of an Iranian cargo plane

The Israeli raids on the perimeter of Damascus airport came 48 hours after an Iranian cargo plane left for Tehran. 

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Sawt al-Asima team, through air traffic tracking sites, monitored the data of an Iranian large cargo plane, the Boeing 747, which left Damascus airport on Saturday afternoon for Tehran. 

Iran usually uses the aircraft to transport weapons and ammunition shipments to Syria through Damascus International Airport, including three flights last February. 

Human and material losses

Two people were killed in Israeli raids on the outskirts of Damascus, the official SANA news agency reported. 

The source explained that Israeli aircraft carried out their air attack from the direction of south Beirut, targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus. 

A rocket fired by regime air defenses, in an attempt to counter the Israeli attack, caused material losses after it landed at a marble plant in the industrial zone near the entrance to the Dahiyat al-Assad from the side of Tishreen Military Hospital road. 

Local news pages published photographs showing the effects of the destruction.

The Israeli Air Force launched a series of raids targeting several Iranian militias and Syrian regime sites near Damascus, starting with an air defense battery near the headquarters of the First Division in the vicinity of the city of al-Kiswah. Two raids targeted an Iranian weapons shipment that had arrived at Damascus airport. 

Sawt al-Asima team documented around 38 airstrikes by Israeli aircraft in Damascus and its countryside in 2021, targeting 25 sites of Iranian militias and the Syrian regime.


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