Syrian Delegation Arrives in Crimea to Discuss Economic Cooperation

On Monday, a Syrian ministerial delegation arrived in the "Russian region" of Crimea to further Syria’s international economic activity, according to Athr Press.

On Monday, a Syrian ministerial delegation arrived in the Russian region of Crimea to further Syria’s international economic activity.  

“The delegation is in Crimea,” said the Information Office of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Presidency. It is headed by the Syrian Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Mohammed Samer al-Khalil—according to The Russian News Agency Sputnik. 

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Earlier, the Crimean government’s deputy prime minister, Georgi Muradov, confirmed that a Syrian delegation would pay an official visit to Crimea. 

As part of the visit, the delegation—which includes representatives from the Syrian Ministries of Tourism and Transport—will discuss issues of trade, as well as cooperation in the economic and tourism fields, according to the Crimean government official. 

The visit coincides with several economic activities carried out by Syria with foreign countries. Damascus recently joined China’s Belt and Road initiative, while also signing recent trade agreements with Iran. These developments come amidst discussion of Syria’s need to attract foreign investment to boost the Syrian economy. 

 Remark by the Syrian Observer: the Crimean peninsula is considered by most of the International community as de jure a Ukrainian territory, that is de facto administered by Russia. Currently, tensions between Russia and Nato-backed Ukraine are increasing.


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