Asma Al-Assad’s Special Mother’s Day Message 

The Syrian first lady has delivered a supportive message to all Syrian mothers in a special Mother’s Day message, writes Al-Watan.

Asma al-Assad sent out a message to Syrian mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day. She described mothers as victorious beings and the country’s strong foundation that makes the homeland stronger.

The message, posted on the presidential palace’s Facebook page, read: 

“Ten years have passed since the war that we fought together, and you [the mother] have been strong and sincere, the one who is able to overcome the war and do it all with a stoic heart that does not know defeat.

I am sending this message to the Syrian mother who brings children into this world and raises them to become the heroes of the future, despite the existence of opponents and the siege of the enemies. Mothers make joy out of distress and pain and turn suffering and trouble into success, and grace.

A mother is she who pushes her children to function at full capacity, creating, at every moment, a new opportunity for livelihood, productivity, and spreading blessings. A mother can tell right from wrong, faithfulness from betrayal, inaction from responsibility.

A mother cares about every grain of sand in Syria, from the far north to the far south. She sees her homeland in every house, every village, and every city. She sees Syria in every wound, tear, and smile.

This is a salute to the mother who takes care of and empowers her family, all the while protecting the nation and society.

Today, we celebrate ten years over which a new generation of children has grown up, a generation of war. Mothers should work hard to instill the best values in the conscience of their children.

We have won battles, but the war is not over yet. We have the will, but the confrontation has not ended yet, and you, Syrian mothers, are both the gateway and the key to victory… You are the rock of the homeland, a homeland you elevate and strengthen.

And finally…

The greatest thing that a mother can do is to belong to her homeland and to transmit this belonging to her children, so the latter stay committed and devoted to their homeland, which they should defend. 

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, don’t forget that you are the homeland.”


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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