Syrian Army Attacks Northern Lattakia and Idleb Regions Anew

The Syrian army has attack jihadist in Lattakia and Idleb, as Turkey moves in reinforcements and rising speculation of a large-scale assault writes Al-Masdar.

The Syrian Army has renewed its attacks on the jihadist defenses in northern Lattakia this week, despite the recent arrival of Turkish military reinforcements to the Jabal al-Akrad region.

According to the latest field report from Lattakia, the Syrian army, alongside the Republic Guard, launched several missiles at the jihadist rebels’ positions in the al-Haddadah area.

The Syrian Arab Army reportedly used its domestically-made Golan-1000 missiles, which have been deployed to this region of Lattakia for over a year.

Regardless of the Turkish observation posts, the Syrian army has continued their attacks against the jihadist forces that are positioned in these areas.

The army also continued their attacks in southern Idleb on Monday, with their artillery and missile units heavily targeting the positions of the jihadist rebels in Jabal al-Zawiya.

According to local reports, the Syrian army, with help from Russian reconnaissance drones, launched a number of artillery shells and missiles towards the jihadist defenses around the town of al-Bara’a, which is located along the frontlines.

Meanwhile, the Turkish military has shelled the Syrian army’s positions in Idleb Governorate, for the second time in the last 72 hours.

According to a report from Idleb Governorate, the Turkish military shelled the Syrian army troops in southern Idleb after their drones circled the latter’s positions in the Jabal al-Zawiya region.

The report said the Turkish troops fired the artillery shells from one of their observation posts in the southern countryside of Idleb Governorate; this area has been the scene of several intense exchanges between the Syrian army and jihadist rebels over the last few weeks.

The Syrian army did not respond to the attack.


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