Zionist Entities and Armed Gangs Have Common Goals: Shaaban

Shaaban has stressed that the attack on Quneitra crossing is part of an organized offensive against Syria


The occupying Israeli entity and the armed gangs in Syria share common goals in Syria and are part of an attempt to redraw the map of the region, presidential advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said.


In an interview with Al-Mayadeen television channel on Friday, Shaaban said Israel has organized and orchestrated criminal acts conducted by armed gangs against the Syrian people, and said Israel is the chief benefactor of events in Syria.


Commenting on recent developments in the Syrian Golan, Shaaban stressed that the attack on Quneitra crossing is part of an organized offensive against Syria.


Shaaban confirmed that arming and financing mercenaries and sending them to kill, kidnap and mutilate the bodies of innocent Syrians was a form of direct military intervention in Syria.


Regarding the Arab League's  involvement in the war, Shaaban stressed that group was a major player in the war on Syria and has been complicit in shedding Syrian blood.


On the international conference scheduled to discuss Syria, Shaaban said that no date has been fixed because of major disagreements over who will attend.


"Syria will take part in the conference without preconditions, because it knows where it is going and will talk to some opposition leaders," she said.


She stressed that Palestine remains the core of the Arab-Israeli conflict.


"It is our core issue as a Syrian people, because we always have been supporters of the Palestinian cause and every resistance movement which seeks the liberation of Palestine," she said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer.



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