Judicial Committee Discusses Kidnap and Arrest Cases

Committee says authorities must release the names of the arrested people to consolidate trust between citizens and the authorities

The judicial committee formed by the Syrian National Dialogue Forum (SNDF) discussed on Saturday issues related to detained and kidnapped persons, as well as stolen antiquities and equipment from Syria.


The committee also reviewed the national reconciliation mechanisms across all Syrian provinces.


Head of the committee, Judge Aboud al-Shawakh said the committee was working on important and sensitive issues, and stressed the need for more intense efforts to deal with the issue of those kidnapped and arrested.


Committee members stressed the need for the formation of a single authority to follow-up on arrest cases and refer them to the judiciary within 60 days of their arrest.


They called on relevant authorities to announce the names of the arrested people and inform their families of the accusations against them, as part of efforts to consolidate trust between citizens and the authorities.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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