Mortar Fire Kills Seven in Aleppo, Damascus

Dozens are injured, including children, officials say

Seven people were killed and many others wounded as a result of mortar fire in Damascus and Aleppo on Tuesday.


Four people were killed and many others were injured when two mortar shells were fired by terrorists in the residential neighborhood of Bab al-Faraj in Aleppo.


An official source told SANA armed terrorist groups targeted residential homes with two mortar shells, resulting in the martyrdom of four civilians and wounding six, including children.


The terrorist attack also caused material damage to residential homes and parked cars, the source said.


In Damascus, three people were killed and others injured when terrorists fried mortar shells on the residential neighborhood of al-Kabas.


An official police source told SANA that two mortar shells fell near the Ibrahim al-Khalil Mosque in Kabas, while another fell on the southern railway, killing three civilians  and injuring 13 others, who were taken to hospital.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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