Rebels Shoot at Demonstrators, Story Behind the Food Blockade

Religious Scholars of Aleppo urge fighters to open immediate passage for people to bring food into the occupied zones

Sources have revealed that the Bustan al-Qasr checkpoint in Aleppo prevented residents of areas under regime control from bringing food in for the first day of the Holy month of Ramadan.


Umm Muhammad told Zamn al-Wasl that those manning the checkpoint "took some bags of bread and food I bought for Ramadan. I don’t know what our crime is if destiny obliged us to live in al-Jamiliyeh."


Meanwhile, the Religious Scholars of Aleppo Front issued a statement Wednesday urging fighters at the checkpoint to open immediate passage for people to bring food into the occupied zones.


The Front also asked to end taxes on the transport of personal goods from the liberated zones in to the occupied ones and vice versa.


It also advised those who are not qualified to avoid religious Fatwas without knowledge.


It demanded that humanitarian aid be delivered to the al-Rashadeen quarter and Halab al-Jadeeda as soon as military operations stop.


Separately, residents said Wednesday that the Free Syrian Army had fired in to the air to disperse a demonstration close to the crossing organized by civilians. A group called the Martyrs of Aleppo told Reuters that some members in the Free Syrian Army shot the protesters, killing one person and wounding others.


However one of the protesters said that the man was killed before the protest by a sniper in the regime army while trying to pass from the rebel-controlled zone to the regime controlled area.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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