Al-Ugaidi Criticizes Opposition in Khan al-Assal

Ugaidi tells soldiers the political opposition does not represent the Free Syrian Army on the front

Activists have broadcast a video clip showing the head of military council in Aleppo, Colonel Abdul Jabbar al-Ugaidi addressing a group in the northern town of Khan al-Assal, where Assad's forces suffered a bitter defeat.


Ugaidi describes the battle of Khan al-Assal as one of the "strongest battles the Free Syrian Army has ever fought," also refuting a story that Syrian regime captives were killed.


He says the rifles belonging to the soldiers and pro-regime militia known as "Shabbiha" killed were still hot to touch, proving they kept fighting until the last moment and were not war captives.


Ugaidi criticized the position of the political opposition, which he said "is supposed to defend the Free Syrian Army and speak on its behalf."


The opposition had condemned what it called "the massacre of prisoner sat Khan al-Assal".


"They didn’t call it a self-defense, they called it a massacre, then they condemned it and want an investigation just to satisfy the west," Ugaidi continued.


"They don’t represent us anymore," he said. "Those on the fronts represent us, and those fighting on our side. It is not a condition that they should be carrying weapons, [but] those working in the media and humanitarian aid, the sheikhs, politicians and legislative bodies should be considered fighters on the fronts," he said.


He concluded that "we should choose them. We don’t want anybody to choose or appoint on our behalf".


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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