Regime Warns Businessmen: Return Now, or Never

The invitations appear to be part from an organized campaign to bring the wealthy back to the country

Brigadier General Hafez Makhlouf and other businessmen close to the regime, including Fares Kallas and Bashar al-Dardari have been invited to return to Syria, business sources have told Zaman al-Wasl.


The invitation came via messages sent from President Bashar Assad, one businessman, who declined to be identified, reported.


The invitations are part from an organized campaign to bring the wealthy back to the country, and as part of a message aimed at presenting the regime as victorious over terrorism and engaged in efforts to rebuild the country.


Sources said that the campaign was launched when the regime, with Hezbollah "won" in the battle against rebels in Qusair. They said the invitation was followed with a warning saying this was their last chance to return.


"Are you going to spend all your life outside the country? It is better to come back now, otherwise you will never come back," the message read, according to the businessman.


Zaman al-Wasl has been informed that some businessmen responded to the invitation and returned. Among them was  Bassam Abu Watfe, they said, but added that they had left again after paying money.


Sources suggested that the regime had asked the businessmen to support Syria in its war against "terrorism" and to help prevent the Syrian Pound from collapse. Some responded and money was delivered through bank transactions or through direct donation to those administering the campaign.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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