Asma Assad’s Translator Leaves Syria

Merhan Bertezlean described Assad as someone who has been "deceived"

Merhan Bertezlean, who was working as a translator for Asma al-Assad, left Syria for Armenia and has provided insights in to Bashar Assad's state of mind


Bertezlean, speaking from the Armenian capital of Yerevan, told Turkish newspaper Hurriyet he left to "ensure the safety of the members of his family."


He insisted that he did not flee, but had "taken refuge" temporarily abroad.


"I'm here temporarily. I do not feel that I belong to Armenia," Bertezlean, who hails of from Armenian descent.


"I could not take even any property with me when I left my house. I miss my home, Syrian air and water, and even the beggars in the streets," he said.


He added that he hopes the end of the war will come soon and he can to return to his country.


He described Assad as someone who has been "deceived" and "did not know what tricks are going around him".


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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