Regime Targets Jobar in Damascus with Mustard Gas

Symptoms were consistent with the use of Mustard gas but no deaths were reported

Regime's forces targeted the Jobar neighborhood of Damascus with poisonous gases –  classified as chemical weapons – on Thursday night, injuring many civilians.


Sources told All4Syria that the attack targeted an area near the police station of Jobar.


The chemical weapons documentation office in Syria issued a report in which it said that a number of people were given first aid at medical points in the area, showing injuries and symptoms consistent with a poison gas attack.


The office said that the clinical assessments of the injured reported people showing panic and extreme anxiety.


It said symptoms also included an uneven ratio of yellowing in the body, difficulty breathing, convulsions and skin sensitivity, accompanied by lack of balance, watering eyes and blurry vision. 


The office collected testimonies from people at the site confirming that the gas used was mustard gas, which is a non-lethal compound belonging to a class of organic compounds that called Thiol, which produces a dangerous vapour that harms the lungs, skin and eyes. However the office confirmed that no deaths were recorded.


Regime's forces stationed in the eastern region tried to advance in Jobar on Thursday after the attack. There have been recent violent clashes between regime forces and the Free Syrian Army who are trying to stem the advance.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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