Coordination Commission, Kurds, to Join Delegation to Geneva

Spokesman for the Coordinating Commission for Democratic Change and Opposition Forces says a secret agreement has been reached to solve the problem of the opposition representation at talks

The spokesman for the Coordinating Commission for Democratic Change and Opposition Forces in Syria has denounced a U.S.-Russian agreement on disarmament of chemical weapons as "useless" other than as a starting point for a political solution to the crisis.


Head of the Commission's Information Office, Munther Khaddam also said the Syrian regime will not evade its commitment to apply for to the Chemical Weapons Convention, telling the AKI Italian news agency "the Syrian regime has no option, but to apply the Russian agreement".


"The Syrian people need to stop the violence and to immediately start preparing for the Geneva Conference. This in itself is necessary in order to implement the agreement about chemical weapons which cannot be implemented during continued fighting in most areas of Syria."


The Syrian dissident, who represents the Commission (which has friendly relations with the Russian leadership), said that the existence of a secret agreement behind the scenes between Russia and the U.S. may be useful in resolving the crisis.


"It seems that Russia and America have agreed to solve the problem of representing the opposition, so the Coordination Commission and the Higher Kurdish Council, along with the Coalition are to form a joint delegation on behalf of the Syrian democratic opposition delegation," he said.


"I do not doubt that there are substantial differences between the Commission and the Coalition around how to enter in to a solution, but there is no disagreement on the final solution," he said.


"We see the need for consensus on the formation of the democratic regime in Syria's future as well as procedures for its implementation according to a timetable, while our colleagues in the Coalition insist on the resignation of Assad, his regime and all its symbols as a condition of any political solution. This is not possible because the regime still has strong supporters among a wide range of sects in the country, it also has regional and international allies."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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