Syria's Oil Fields Vulnerable to Theft

Engineer says the pumps are valuable and must be protected

Ahl al-Athar, an Islamic brigade, has appealed again to the Syrian National Coalition and  the Chiefs of Staff of the Free Syrian Army to protect oil fields northeast Syria.


''We captured some oil extraction equipment before it was  stolen by thugs four months ago," a senior leader with the brigade said.


"We keep it safe, but other oil fields should be protected.''


The technical engineer, who works in the oil station in Abu Kamal, has warned of the consequences of tampering with these machines, stressing that the value of this equipment, worth millions of dollars, does not exist in any Arab or developing country other than  Nigeria and Syria.


The equipment includes several large pumps, including pumps that did not work before, meaning the equipment only arrived recently. The source pointed out that one of the places in the oil fields houses five of these pumps.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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