FSA and Islamic Front Advance on Regime Forces in Eastern Ghouta

Anti-Assad forces' gains debunk the regime’s false allegations about its victories

The Free Syrian Army and the Islamic Front captured the towns of Buharriya, Qasimia, Abbada and Deir Salman in Eastern Ghouta after fierce clashes with Assad Forces with reports of regime losses.


Clashes are still going on in the town of Otaiba, a main supply line that the anti-Assad battalions depend on for the delivery of humanitarian aid and medicines to the besieged areas. In addition, informed sources said that the Free Syrian Army and the Islamic Front are tightening the noose on the town after inflicting heavy losses on the regime forces. Anti-Assad battalions announced they fully liberated the town of Deir Attiya in Al Kalamoon area and the Samiya village near Damascus International Airport.


The Syrian Coalition said that gains being made by the anti-Assad forces debunk the regime’s false allegations and lies about its victories and described those allegations as merely “delusional propaganda."


This great progress made by anti-Assad battalions came after the announcement of a revolutionary united bloc called "The Islamic Front" that includes the largest anti-Assad militant factions inside Syria.


According to leaders of those factions, the merger was meant to be a show of tribute to the blood of Abdulkader Saleh, the fallen hero who was the core of this revolutionary bloc. The ‘Islamic Front’ is the first bloc that includes anti-Assad Kurdish factions which, according to analysts, indicates the unity of purpose among all spectrums of the Syrian people and the inability of the regime to sow disunity among the fighters who seek to topple the Assad regime.



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