Mohammad Habash Sees Clashes Between Islamists Ahead

Habbash says he does not see a conflict between Islamists and seculars in the future

Defected Member of Parliament Mohammad Habash has commented on the announcement of the merge of seven Islamist factions under the name of the Islamic Front, describing it as a “good” development.


"Every act of unity is a good thing, as one voice is better than contradictory voices," Habash said, in a telephone interview with Radio Rosana.


“These factions are fighting factions, they do not look forward to participation and they do not talk about people's choices in freedom and democracy, but they rather seek to overthrow injustice,” he said.


Habash said that clashes on an Islamic-secular basis are improbable, because most of the fighters are Islamists, and even those who embrace democracy respect Islam.


“I do not think that the statement of the Front is a harbinger of a confrontation with the secular forces. There may be clashes between ISIS and Nusra, because their references and projects are different, but we should not worry or believe that the draft of the  union among these brigades is inconsistent with the goals of the revolution,” he said.


The seven factions announced on Friday the formation of the Islamic Front.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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