Bread and Tea Campaign to Relieve Hassakeh

The province is suffering from a severe shortage of food and other living supplies

The "Bread and Tea" campaign was launched by activists in the city of Hassakeh its surrounding province to deliver relief supplies.


The province is experiencing a severe shortage of food and daily supplies, including water and electricity, which is not available in most neighborhoods.


The campaign was named "Bread and Tea" because they are the only two materials  which the residents of Hassakeh still have. Bread is now hand-made and bakeries do not cover a quarter of the city. Tea, meanwhile, has become very expensive, at around 1,500 Syrian Pounds per kilogram ($11).


Banners were raised across Syrian provinces to help relieve Hassakeh, and the campaign is still ongoing.


“No one listens to us, despite what we are experiencing in the city and its countryside,” activists told Rehab News.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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