Nashar Says Conference Delay Benefits Assad

Nashar described the talks as "absurd" unless it is guaranteed that Assad stands down

Member of the Syrian National Coalition Samir Nashar said he considers the Geneva II talks as a way to give international legitimacy to the regime of Bashar Assad.


He described the talks as "absurd” unless they are subjected to basic guarantees to that the criminals will be held to account and that the regime removed.


"There is no decision yet to go to Geneva, and the recent decision issued by the General Commission acknowledges that Assad can never be part of the future of Syria,” he said.


“If Iran withdrew its troops, it can take part in the solution, because it is considered a key player in Syria, not Russia as it is rumored. The Russians believe in the international political decision, but the Iranians provide weapons and fighters to kill the Syrian people,” Nashar said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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