Bread prices Rise by 500 Percent

International Rescue Committee says clean water is inaccessible prices for basics skyrocket

The prices of bread has risen in Syria by five times since the outbreak of the bloody conflict in the country 33 months ago, according to the International Rescue Committee.


The New York-based NGO said that “four out of five Syrians are concerned that food is running out”, while “the price of bread has risen by 500 percent".


The organization added that “access to clean water has become difficult for more than half of Syrians”, pointing out that “goods are becoming less available”.


The organization noted, for example, that the price of blankets also reached $27, as temperatures in Syria dropped with the onset of winter, pointing out that this price is “higher by about 93 percent than the average monthly wage”.


The committee warned of “the sharp decline in the availability of necessary medical supplies, such as antibiotics, analgesics and bandages in eight provinces”. The Committee conducted its study with a sample of 500 people in different parts of Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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