Russian Embassy Says Reports on Bogdanov Statements Untrue

Russia says it has not changed its position on Syria

The Russian Embassy in Damascus said in a statement on Thursday that comments reported by some news agencies attributed to Michael Bogdanov, the special representative to the Russian President and Deputy Foreign Minister, on President Bashar Assad's running for presidency, are categorically untrue.


"The original text of the press interview with Mr Bogdanov is published on the Russian Interfax website and the Russian Foreign Ministry," the embassy told SANA.


It added that Russia has not changed its position on a solution to the crisis in Syria.


Moscow, the embassy said, is still convinced that all issues related to Syria’s future, including the president, should be solved by Syrians through national dialogue and without any foreign intervention and with intensified efforts by all sides to overcome terrorism. The upcoming Geneva conference would be a serious opportunity to do that, it said.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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