Wave of Displaced After Aleppo Barrel Bomb Attack

More than 100 people were killed in four days of air attacks

Aleppo city has seen a major decampment, especially from the eastern neighborhoods, after a frenzied government air attack using explosive barrels for four consecutive days.


People packed their belongings and waited for transportation out of Aleppo to the northern countryside near the Turkish border, even amidst a shortage in fuel and cars.


Turkish border crossings have been overcrowded over the last two days with hundreds of families escaping Aleppo, fearing the explosive barrels.


Activists confirmed that huge numbers of Aleppans are now camped at the Bab al-Salam border crossing, waiting to cross into to Turkey.


The regime declared an open war on Aleppo four days ago, and committed more than 40 massacres in the neighborhoods of Aleppo and its countryside. More than 100 explosive barrels were dropped on civilian neighborhoods in the city, killing hundreds and injuring more than 2,000, according to preliminary estimates. Large numbers of victims are still believed to be trapped under rubble and hundreds of wounded civilians are in field hospitals.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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