Over 12 Prisoners Die in Aleppo Central Prison

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent stopped sending aid to the prison on Monday

More than 12 prisoners died in Aleppo Central Prison on Friday due to cold, hunger and general ill health.


A source told Halap News that the number increased after Monday after the Syrian Arab Red Crescent stopped sending aid and the prison administration only provides a loaf of bread to each prisoner daily.


Regime forces released 366 prisoners from the prison following a decision by the Justice Minister to re-examine the circumstances of the prisoners.


Aleppo Central Prison is located in the north of the city and has been under rebel siege for more than six months. Regime forces inside the prison refuse to surrender the prison. This situation has led to a shortage of food, water and medicine for more than 4,000 prisoners inside.


Despite the Red Crescent's efforts to provide food, water and medicine regularly, conditions are difficult and the operations have been obstructed, meaning a large number of prisoners have died from illness and malnutrition.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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