Security Forces Arrest Peaceful Druze Activists

Arrests are based on civil and peaceful activities two years ago

Syrian Security forces have started an arrest campaign against peaceful activists in the Druze areas under regime control.


The campaign has resulted in the arrest of dozens of peaceful activists in Sweida and Jaramana on the basis of civil and peaceful activities two years ago.


Air Force Intelligence arrested Mouin Hammoud Abu Dirghim and Hussam Suud Ghanem at the Somariyah bus station in Damascus, while they were waiting for a bus to return to their home city of Sweida on Wednesday.


In response, civil activists in Sweida staged a sit-in demanding the release of the arrested activists and all other prisoners of consciense in regime prisons.


Security forces meanwhile raided the home of Akram Qassouaa in Jaramana Wednesday, taking him to an unknown location. The same forces arrested Firas Uraidi at the Conference Palace checkpoint, while he was travelling between Sweida and Jaramana.


Intelligence forces previously arrested teachers Alice Mufrej and Nibal Zeitouneh from of Jaramana. The civil activist Jalal Nawfal was also arrested after at raid at his friends' apartment in Baghdad Street, Damascus.


Civil activist Haitham Saab was arrested at the Musammieh checkpoint on the road between Sweida and Damascus some weeks ago.


All4Syria has learned that investigations into those arrested are related to civil activities that were carried out two years ago, including participation in demonstrations,sit-ins or even meetings for martyrs' condolensces. This indicates security forces are retrieving information from old records.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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