Points Of Agreement Between the Coalition, Regime in Meeting With Brahimi

Humanitarian aid and political detainees were discussed in the first round of talks

Syrian opposition and regime delegations met in one hall and held a 30 minute discussion during the first round of negotiations headed by internaitonal envoy Lakhdar Brahimi. The discussion concentrated on three subjects.


The first subject was the humanitarian aid which has not reached many areas in Syria, especially the besieged neighborhoods.

Both parties agreed to insure the delivery of humanitarian aid sent by foreign and United Nations organizations. The parties agreed on opening routed for humanitarian aid to allow organizations to work to reduce the suffering in areas deprived from aid and suffering disastrous humanitarian conditions.


The two delegations also discussed the circumstances for the delivery of aid, as it is claimed it is often implemented through dirty mechanisms and employees.


The opposition delegation asked to reveal the identities of those employees and asked to exclude them from the delivery process.


The opposition delegation demanded aid be delivered in a fair way to all the areas, without excluding any area because of its national or sectarian components.


The isue of political detainees was also discussed and both parties agreed on providing a list of the names of detainees along with explanations about the circumstances of their arrest.


The list should be given to Brahimi, who considers this an important step to pave the way to the main discussion; the formation of a transitional governing body.


The negotiators agreed that Syria will be for all its people, with full respect to all ethnicities and equal rights for all its citizens, regardless of their sectarian background. All Syrian regions should also be treated equally,  unlike under the current  regime policy.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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