Mass Grave Discovered With 11,000 Bodies

The Taboukieh grave is located near the headquarters of the Third Brigade in Qalamon.

The Syrian regime is burying detainees in secret mass graves to avoid the international prosecution, the spokesman of the General Commission of Syrian Revolution and the manager of Qalamon Media Center Aamer al-Qalamoni confirmed.


Qalamoni revealed the graves in a special interview with All4Syria that one of these graves is called "Taboukieh" and it is located near the headquarters of the Third Brigade in Qalamon.


Qalamouni said the mass grave is about 15,000 square meters and it is located in an unreachable region inside the headquarters of the brigade headquarters.


"The grave is probably dedicated to the corpses of those transported from the security detention to the military hospital 601. The regime has stopped burying the detainees in the mass graves known to the media and the international organizations – such as Najha mass grave – and replaced these mass graves with others located in military sites, far from civilians regions," Qalamoni said.


The corpses of hundreds of detainees recently detailed in an Anatolia News Agency report are buried in Taboukieh, he said. 


The operation of burying detainees there started a year ago, according to the military source which escorted the officer responsible for burials.


The corpses of the victims of Jdaydat al-Fadl massacre were also moved to Taboukieh, the spokesman confirmed.


When asked whether the corpses from the Sednaya detention victims are also transported to the mass grave, the spokesman said that those from Sednaya detention are probably buried within the premises of the detention facility, or might be transported to a military region close to the prison.


"Many media activists have seen trucks carrying the corpses to the mass grave, traces of leaking blood were seen on these trucks", Qalamoni added.


Translated end edited by The Syrian Observer


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