Duma Local Elections Held Under Siege

Local elections are underway in the besieged Damascus city of Duma.

The General Coordinator of the Revolutionary Forces and the Director of Local Councils in Eastern Ghouta, Nizar as-Samadi, said university graduates form 80% of the newly elected local council.


Samadi told All4Syria that 18 out of a total of 25 members of the council are university graduates.


Samadi said the elections present a unique experience in the revolution, as the members of elections committee which was formed to organize the process were prohibited from nomination.


Samadi added that the elections were organised in response to the needs in the city. Only specialized people were allowed to run, and the committee that supervised the elections included all committees from the city quarters, as well as those working in the educational fields.


The elections led to the formation of the first local council in the city to include highly qualified professionals and civilians.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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