If We Could Beat the Regime, We Would Not be at Negotiations: Toumeh

Toumeh said the opposition gained ground in the first round of talks

The Prime Minister of the opposition Syrian National Coalition government, Ahmad Toumeh has told the BBC that the goal of negotiations with the Syrian regime is to reach a peaceful and fair political solution that guarantees the dignity of Syrian people.


"If we could beat them on the ground, we wouldn’t have reached this point, but unfortunately, the international community let the Syrian people down and didn’t provide them with what they needed to settle the battle for their dignity and freedom," Tohmeh said in an interview with the BBC on Monday.


In reference to the ongoing negotiations at Geneva, Toumeh said the opposition delegation gained a lot in the first round of negotiations, adding that they had gained "actually, more than our expectations."


Asked about opposition's government ability to convince opposition fighters with the Islamic Front of any resolution that may come out of the Geneva negotiations, Toumeh said: "If we reached a just agreement and a political solution that guarantees the dignity of Syrian people and the departure of Assad's regime, no force in Syria will ever oppose us."





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